Monday, May 26, 2014

Rebates and Incentives to Save you Some Green

Sometimes it seems like a little incentive is all the push we need to make a change we might otherwise put off. When it comes to money we could all use a little more green. Today I’m going to talk about some financial incentives. If you are not in need of a little extra money in your pocket feel free to let me know and I will arrange for pick up…I kid I kid!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Water & Wallet Wise Plants

Many people are interested in using water wise or more native plants in residential landscaping for various reasons. Water wise and native plants, or as I'm calling them here, “water sippers” save money for homeowners and should be great for water conservation ...that is if we actually use less water maintaining them. Ideally we are looking at a win, win!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Coming Next Week

What I plan on doing on this blog is highlighting some things I’m doing to live even just a little more sustainably. A lot of my posts will be based around the home, and I hope they will be useful for homeowners or anyone looking to make some changes where they live.

I personally don’t think “getting green” or living more sustainably is an all or nothing prospect. I admire people who ride their bike or walk to work and live in the most sustainable of homes. I strive to be more like them! However, some people feel this is just not realistic or anything they feel they can achieve.

To me green is a color with many shades

So maybe if we all can make some modifications that we want to make that fit into what we feel we can do then we can make an impact on the environment, our wallets, or even just our happiness.

In the upcoming week I will be working on a post highlighting some of my favorite plants that use less water and in my eyes are every bit as attractive in the landscape as some of our favorite water guzzlers.

I would never want to leave without a picture so in anticipation of the upcoming post here you go.

Until the next time…

Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Journey…What is Motivating Me?

Prepare yourself this might get a little random

The short answer to what motivates me is, Home. Home is what motivates me the most in life.  I love home! I love real estate (pretty connected with home typically) and almost everything else about home. Seeing people find their dream in a home, building their life in a home.  I love my home! Ok I’m sure you get the point.