Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nichole Gets Green Reviews Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Coating Kit

Hi Everyone! This week I decided to do something a little different. I'm going to share my experience using the Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Coating Kit. I purchased this garage floor coating kit on a whim a few weeks ago and just decided to go for it. I am no stranger to painting but this was a new adventure for me. I love the look of a finished garage all nice and perfect...which up until this point has been a grand illusion for me, something I've only seen in other people's homes and never achieved myself. With this little box kit I bought at Lowes I set out to change that.  

Here is how it turned out.....

There are many options when looking for a garage floor coating kit, or even just putting your own ideas to work. Like I said I purchased the Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Coating Kit 

I liked this kit in particular because it came with essentially everything I needed (you still need to get your own rollers and a scrubber for your concrete but aside from that it is all in there)

I also liked that you could tint the paint to virtually any color you may want. 

I REALLY had to resist the urge to paint the garage floor lime green and throw some glitter in there....fortunately (or unfortunately) I was stopped. But the idea is still up there in my head...aahhhh someday.

Anyway I picked a nice reasonable color that will hopefully last the ages. Which is a good idea. When doing something like this, as much as a pink or purple garage floor may appeal to you (I know it appeals to me!) it might not appeal to a potential home buyer years down the road, so it is a good idea to keep that in mind unless you are sure you wont be selling your home again. 

Here comes my #1 piece of advice from this process: 

If you have just purchased a brand new home, new construction, never been lived in. DO THIS NOW!! Don't think "oh I will do this next year or next summer" do it now! I had 10 years worth of gunk on that concrete and cleaning the concrete is the hardest step (although still not that hard if I'm honest) 

Ok so the first thing I did was to clean the floor, scrape off the little grubbies that had developed over the years etc. We all know how to clean so this step wasn't too bad. I had some extra concrete cleaner left over so I used that but I'm sure anything that gets the gunk off would do just fine. If you have a pressure washer this step would be even easier. I did not.. so I basically just kicked it like Cinderella and scrubbed that garage down old school.

Now I cracked into my box. Not shown in the picture above are 2 packages of etching powder. This step is necessary to prepare the concrete for the coating kit paint to actually stick to the cement. This is also not difficult it really just feels like you are re-doing the cleaning step honestly but it was necessary so I got it done. 

There is also a DVD that comes with the kit. I did not watch the DVD. I did read their directions thoroughly but was a little antsy to get down to business so I may have missed some valuable info on the DVD. If you watch it go ahead and let me know what I missed out on. 

Now that all of that boring stuff is done you get to the fun part of the whole process

A side note: the kit does not come with an anti-skid powder but it is only around $6 to buy it separately and for that price I decided to buy it. You just add it to the gallon of paint mixture before you spread it on the concrete. I can't tell you if it made it less slippery since I didn't experience the floor without it, but I am satisfied with the way it turned out, so I would say go ahead and get it. 

It is recommended you use a roller with an extension handle but I didn't have that so I just used a regular roller and rolled in about 4'x4' sections starting in the back corner of the garage and working my way out. After I painted the little section I just sprinkled the color flake chips on that section and then moved onto my next section painting and sprinkling the chips until it is done. 

The kit comes with color coordinating chips but you could buy a different color or more chips if you wanted a different look. In my opinion the kit came with plenty of chips. But it is your garage and if you want to go chip crazy or even chip-less I say do whatever you want to do. 

Here is a shot when I was halfway done to see what old garage floor was looking like vs. the new coated floor. I know what side I would want to look at. 

The whole process took me the better part of a day. But I was taking breaks to get lunch and not in any real hurry. 

I would say this would be a very easy weekend project. 

The only other thing to consider if you decide to embark on this adventure is that you really should keep vehicles and very heavy items off of the concrete until the paint is fully cured. I left the garage empty and didn't drive on it for 3 days. For some people this could be a very large inconvenience but if you know that before time and plan it shouldn't be a large issue for such a professional looking return.

Is it going to be worth it? 

Some people may wonder is this worth it? Is anyone really going to care I have a gorgeous garage floor (some personal bias coming through there? maybe) I would say yes. This is a relatively simple and inexpensive project that can push your home over the top. When all was said and done this took me 1 day and about $125 total to get the look I wanted. My garage looks much more polished and it shows a potential home buyer you have taken pride in your home when they see items like this. 

If you have considered a project like this, go for it! 

Until the next time....


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