Friday, October 3, 2014

Great Neighborhoods I Have Been Loving Lately

Hello everyone. Today I'm feeling like showing some love to some areas I've been enjoying showing houses lately. 

I will say one thing...I love Utah. I also love traveling, but there isn't really anything quite like home. I am lucky to sell homes in Utah and I genuinely believe it is one of the greatest places to live. Hiking, water sports, skiing/ snowboarding, snow shoeing, biking, get the point there is a lot to do in Utah. 

There may or may not be some air quality issues in many counties and I'm not discounting that...but overall this is a great place to live your life. 




Ok lets get down to it. I live near Daybreak but not in Daybreak. I can jog over to Daybreak, or drive over and do a little exploring over there. This neighborhood has so much to offer and I see why people love it and choose to live here. 

Beautiful views, restaurants, a lake, ducks, geese, pools, community gardens. There seems to be something for everyone here. 

I wont go on too long, there is just a lot to love. Now I will get down to it with some pics and show you why it is a great place if you have never been here.  




To the SouthEast another great neighborhood I've been loving is Suncrest in Draper 

Suncrest is making a comeback. I personally never appreciated Suncrest until the past few months showing more homes in the area. The views up here are just amazing. 

In the evening many areas have fantastic city views of Salt Lake County, mountain views on another side, and if you are lucky enough to have the right lot you also have views of Utah County and Utah Lake. I can't think of many other neighborhoods that offer such a great variety of views. 

Suncrest can be a little bit of a challenge in winter driving conditions. However, with the elevation once you arrive home you are often above the inversion and can feel like you are in another world. 

Another exciting addition to the Suncrest community is The Ridge at Lone Peak. A dining experience with wood fired pizza ovens as well as a liquor license for patrons who enjoy beer, cocktails, or wine with their meal. The building has been vacant for approximately 5 years and has been transformed into a very exciting addition based off of photographs posted to the restaurants Facebook page. It will be nice for Suncrest residents and visitors to have an option for a dining experience so close to their home without having to travel down the mountain. 


Regardless of where you live in the Salt Lake Valley, or anywhere in Utah I feel there is a lot to love. If you are looking to relocate, either one of these neighborhoods would be worth considering when you meet with your REALTOR.

Until the next time... 

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