Thursday, March 8, 2018

First Time Home Buyer?

Hello again! Something that has been on my heart and is always a favorite topic of mine, is helping first time home buyers make the transition from renting or living at home to owning a place of their own. 

Just between you and me first time home buyers are often my favorite clients (I love them all really, but you know). It is often such an exciting time in your life, it may be a new beginning, or a step this person has been working on for years, either way it is supposed to be a very fun time. 

With all of that being said, it can be overwhelming and I am not into being overwhelmed in my own life, so I certainly don't want my clients to be overwhelmed. I remember when I bought my first home, everyone uses industry "lingo" APR, Conventional, FHA, VA, Escrow, Title Company, Lender....ummmm what does all of this mean? Now a lot of my buyers (most) are much smarter and more in the know than I was at this time of my life, but even when you have a general idea it can get confusing. This is particularly hard when the market is moving fast and decisions...HUGE DECISIONS.. seem like they have to be made very quickly or your dreams are going out the window. 

Side note: it is my experience that it always works out how it should, so don't ever feel pressure that you need to make decisions you aren't comfortable with. 

I aim to educate and inform my buyers personally as we go through any transaction, communication and explaining every step to the best of my ability is something I really strive towards in my day to day business. I also would like to be a resource and available to answer questions or refer customers or clients to professionals who know more than me or are more specialized in their field. 

All of this led me to potentially (scary) hosting a first time home buyer seminar, something made for people who may have considered buying a home and want to know if it is a good fit for them. A place for people, hopefully you reading this, to come and ask questions in a non pressure open relaxed environment. I'm not talking sit for hours and listen to a sales pitch, I'm talking genuinely ask questions that have been on your mind, hear some of the top questions and confusing points I've seen with my buyers over the past decade. 

So I could use some help from you! If you are a first time home buyer and have some questions or you remember what buying that first house was like, let me know what you wish you had known. Maybe we can help more people who would like to achieve the dream of home ownership to reach their goals with a little less stress! 

I can't wait to hear from you and I will post more details about the upcoming seminar here and on my Facebook Page, just search @realtorjones!!

Until next time... 

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