Sunday, May 26, 2019

Curb Appeal On The Cheap

It is that time of year! Signs are popping up in your neighbors yard, and maybe you are considering making the move as well. Wondering what little items you could do to give you the cutting edge in landscape curb appeal? I'm here to help with a few inexpensive fixes that wont break the bank, and will give you the most bang for your buck~

pull Those Weeds

Mulch Riverton, Utah Lowes 
Even if you need to pay a neighbor kid, fork over a little cash or take an afternoon and pull the weeds in your flower will make a huge difference. 

Grab a few bags of mulch and sprinkle it in all of the front beds. I prefer the darker black or brown color which creates a nice clean look, and at $3.66 a bag it is a bargain sprucing up tool. 

Grab Some Resilient Accent Plants 

Now you've got a nice fresh slate with the weeds pulled and the mulch stacked high in the driveway. Add a little pop of color with a resilient drought tolerant plant that will look good for the weeks to come and appeal to prospective buyers as they arrive. Here are some of my favorites. 

Day lilies are very resilient 

Try using a few annuals and perennials of varying heights for dimension. 

You don't need to go crazy here. A few plants and some bright color with the mulch as a contrast goes a long way! 

Pay Attention to Your Front Door

The buyers will really be paying attention as they stand at the front door, and while the agent gets the key out and opens that door, you take this chance to win them over with your amazing entryway! 

Step #1 Just clean the front door and handle. This may seem to simple, but cobwebs and finger prints set a bad impression. Make it clean and simple. If your door needs a coat of paint, grab a gallon and get it done. Under $40 and worth every penny.

Step #2 Buy a new welcome mat. Easy Peasy...Make it cute and inviting. 

Target in South Jordan, Utah find 

Step #3 Consider a pre made planter or potted shrub to add a little extra lovely to the porch. 

South Jordan Costco Find

That's about it! Don't over complicate it but do something. Bonus..It will make you happier every time you walk through your front door. 

Until the next time...