Monday, April 27, 2015

Visit to the Conservation Garden Park

Hello everyone! Recently I took a trip to the Conservation Garden Park in West Jordan. I had been meaning to go for quite some time, and I will tell you it did not disappoint. For those who aren't familiar with the Conservation Garden Park it is a demonstration garden of water wise plants, an education center, and just an overall water saving idea center if you are looking to switch up your landscaping and want to incorporate more native or water-wise plants. Many states and various cities have something similar. The Conservation Garden Park is a very convenient option for Utahns, particularly those living on the South end of Salt Lake County. Should you go? My opinion is...ABSOLUTELY. It is free (you can donate, as it is a non-profit) has fairly convenient hours, activities for kids, and is just an overall peaceful place to visit and get garden ideas. I'm a fan.