Friday, June 28, 2019

That costs how much?? Average Cost of Home Improvement Projects in Salt Lake City

Average Costs of Common Home Projects in the SLC

Salt Lake City, Utah Home Project Pricing
We all have one, that long list of "honey do's" or an itemized list of contractors to call for bids. I bet a lot of s have a similar list here in Salt Lake City. So when I saw an article on Angie's List I couldn't help but share the ones I found most applicable to home buyers and sellers here in the Salt Lake City, Utah market. 

This is handy information to know. Whether buying, selling, or just budgeting for improvements you need to have a rough idea of what you are getting into. Keep in mind these are national averages, but a lot of these are in line with what I have found here in Utah specifically as well. 

Painting the Interior of the Average Home: $1,754 ($969-2724) obviously depends on the size of project but this is one that is wise for a lot of home sellers to consider, and one many home buyers may want to know when budgeting for home ownership.

Adding blown in insulation: $1,391 ($885-1896). Here in Utah this can be a good one to look at to trim down those utility bills, and increase your home's efficiency. There are usually even rebates that can further help with this expense.

Bathroom Remodel: $10,236 ($5942-$14,760). This one is on the more extensive side of projects, but one that is fairly common when buying a home. Perhaps the current bathroom and those oak colored cabinets are out of date, or the overall condition is in desperate need of repair. According to Angie's List the average cost for a bathroom remodel is $10,236 ($5942-$14,760). As with most things your personal style and taste is a large factor here, that golden throne will cost you.  

Kitchen Remodel: $22,925 ($12,547-$34,218). Along the same lines as a bathroom, a kitchen remodel is another major project. This can be a huge expense, but one with pretty good bang for your buck. Since we spend a lot lot of time in the kitchen this one can totally change the feel of a home, if you've got it in the budget go for it!

Finishing a Basement: $19,301 ($10,807-$27,869). A very common home improvement task here in Utah is finishing your basement.  Considering in some cases this can double the livable square footage in your home, this is a valuable consideration for adding quality and value to your home with the average cost clocking in at $19,301 ($10,807-$27,869).

Painting the Exterior of your Home: Average Home Cost: $2,800 ($1,682-$3,919). If you are feeling up to it, pull a Chip and Joanna Gaines and really change the look of your home with an exterior paint job. This can take an outdated home and bring it up to current trends and aesthetics for relatively little money. 

When I am showing homes to buyers I am always sure to look at the shape and age of some of these high cost items or repairs: 

Replacing Windows: Average Home Cost: $5,092 ($2,594-$7,602)

Installing a New Roof: $7,521 ($5,132-$10,023)

Replacing a Furnace: Standard Efficiency ($2,200-$2,500) This range can escalate based on size of home or a need for a multi stage system, high efficiency and so on. **This is assuming you also already had an HVAC System)**

Installing or replacing a central air unit: ($3,000-$7,000) Again similar to furnace installation size of home and the required size or number of units is a factor. Furthermore if you are budgeting and need to upgrade your furnace soon, you may benefit from performing both upgrades at the same time. 

I'm sure I've missed a few. I would love to hear what you guys would like to know more about. I will gladly call and get any specific questions answered that you need me to! 

Until the next time...