Monday, April 27, 2015

Visit to the Conservation Garden Park

Hello everyone! Recently I took a trip to the Conservation Garden Park in West Jordan. I had been meaning to go for quite some time, and I will tell you it did not disappoint. For those who aren't familiar with the Conservation Garden Park it is a demonstration garden of water wise plants, an education center, and just an overall water saving idea center if you are looking to switch up your landscaping and want to incorporate more native or water-wise plants. Many states and various cities have something similar. The Conservation Garden Park is a very convenient option for Utahns, particularly those living on the South end of Salt Lake County. Should you go? My opinion is...ABSOLUTELY. It is free (you can donate, as it is a non-profit) has fairly convenient hours, activities for kids, and is just an overall peaceful place to visit and get garden ideas. I'm a fan. 

What is there to do? 

If it were me I would want to know, what is there to do? Am I going to be bothered and harassed by pitch fork wielding lawn haters?! Nope, from my experience I'm going to say you wont. You just walk around, and get ideas essentially. No big deal. Nobody bothered me but there were plenty of people there to ask questions if we had one. The plants are labeled, which is helpful if you don't have a clue what the name of a plant you like might be.

If you are anything like me you need to see a plant doing its plant thing to know if you like it. I can't look at a picture on a page and visualize, so a place like this is a lifesaver. I would call it a real life water-wise plant and garden book! If I liked a plant, the name was sitting right there and they are also fairly mature so you have an even better idea of how much room a particular plant is actually going to take in your yard. 

If you have kids you want to bring (or if you just like to do kid things) they have a little sand areas to dig and several interactive features I could see a child being entertained by. The day I was there they were doing a field trip and the kids seemed pretty into it from my perspective. 

Where is it? 

8275 South 1300 West
West Jordan, Utah 84088

What are the Hours? 

Spring Hours
Monday - Saturday: 8am to 6:30pm

Summer Hours 
May to August
Monday - Saturday: 8am to 8pm

Fall Hours
September to October
Monday - Saturday: 8am to 6:30pm

Winter Hours
November to March
Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm

What's Next for Me? 

I have a pretty exciting project coming up that I will be sharing with you. The reason for my visit was exactly what I hope you guys might visit get some ideas on removing some water sucking lawn from your life (just some, I still love my lawn as much as the next person) and incorporate more water-wise plants into the landscape. All of us here in Utah know this year is likely going to be a harder than normal water year for us, so why not take this opportunity and conserve some water and the green in your wallet as well. 

Until the next time....

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