Monday, June 2, 2014

I Want Trails

Hiking is an activity many people enjoy

Utah has hundreds...thousands.. (I didn't actually count) of trails and access to outdoor recreation is a top reason many enjoy living in Utah 

Easy access to hiking trail heads or developed walking trails is very appealing to potential home buyers, and results in a more appealing and marketable product when a seller is selling a home with these qualities.

I wanted to look at the effect access to trails had on how long a house was on the market. Was there a benefit to having access as a main selling point? 

To answer my own question I looked at a snap shot of home sales in the past 30 days from a few communities in Salt Lake County. What I found was in all but one of the cities average days on market was less when a home was located near walking or hiking trails AND this information was highlighted in the listing.

Of course there are many other factors that can contribute to the reduced days on market and I was only looking at a select number of data points for a limited time frame ie; the last 30 days, were trails mentioned and in close proximity to the home, are the comps without mention of trails within the same price range as those where trails are indicated?

Here is what I found

As you can see South Jordan was the one exception of the cities I sampled. Still very comparable days on market and new construction to be built situations could have played a large factor

Anyway you slice it access to walking and hiking trails is a bonus when you are looking to buy a home. Whether it appeals to you personally or just appeals to you on a level of what it will mean when you sell it is certainly an amenity to keep in mind.


Now let’s get into the business of finding trails near you if you like many of us aren't 100% sure of what is in your area. 

There are several options for finding tails and outdoor recreation opportunities. One of those options is finding an app for your smart phone (if you have one).
The one I like to use is 


With this app you can use your location to look for nearby trails, search by map, or input a location. This is especially helpful when you may not be fortunate to have a trailhead right in your backyard.

City and County Websites are also a great resource as well as Forest Ranger Stations if you are looking to recreate in the Uintah Wasatch Cache National Forest

Whatever you enjoy doing outdoors whether hiking, walking, biking, or any other activity I suggest you get out and enjoy Utah and when looking for your next homecommunicate with your REALTOR®
  if greenspace and access to these amenities is a top priority for you!

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